Marina Contacts

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Response Teams 911/1117
Police Department 911/1117
VHF Channel  17
Police Department 506.2267.8014
Fire/Emergency 1118/2775.0260
Ambulance 506.2775.7900
Marina Security 506.2775.3000
Red Cross 1128
Coast Guard 506.2777.7361

Marina Contacts

Should you need to speak directly with Golfito Marina Village please contact a member of the Marina team using one of the below numbers:

Email the Marina

Operations Manager
Andy Caballero
Operations Email
Cell: +506 8715 1393

Shipping Address:
Golfito Marina Village
Island Global Yachting (IGY)
Puntarenas, Barrio Bella Vista, 150 metros
Norte Del Muelle Principal de Incop

Useful Contacts

Tourist Police 506.2267.8014
Marina Security 506.2775.3000
Red Cross 1128
Coast Guard (Jaco) 506.2643.3011
Coast Guard (Quepos) 506.2777.7361
Electric Emergencies 1126
Phone Emergencies 1119

MEDICAL CENTERS                                
Golfito Hospital                      506.2775.7900
24 Hour Clinic 506.2772.7070

DENTAL CARE                               
Dental Health                           506.2770.3020

Hidalgo Pharmacy                  506.2735.5564
Ibarra Pharmacy 506.2743.8558

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