Coin being driven to the exchange…A downward trend?

These days, the virtual asset market is paying keen attention to three keywords. 바이비트 입금 They are P2E, Metabus, and NFT. If funds were focused on DeFi, related liquidity supply, and farming-related tokens not long ago, now game companies seem to be leading the altcoin market.

While some altcoins, including Sandbox (SAND), Decentral Land (MANA), and BORA (BORA), other coins are showing signs of catching their breath or falling after some surge. The problem is that Bitcoin (BTC), a large coin, is not working.

■ Coin being driven to the exchange…A downward trend?

As bitcoin mining profits increase, the amount of sales deposited into the exchange is increasing.

According to the data, bitcoin miners earned about 2 trillion won during the month of November. Mining efficiency was high as mining costs continued to hit a low point, but bitcoin prices are unlikely to rise soon as holders continue to sell. In fact, information sites that show the flow of whale wallets such as “Wale Allot” also warn that many coins are being deposited into the exchange because the number of sales is expected to increase.

Many whales are often pushing up coin prices, attracting ants and then lowering prices. Investors are now quite learned and smart, but new investors always come in and suffer.

However, some masters make money using futures exchanges even in the bear market. Futures transactions are transactions that agree to trade at a predetermined price at a certain point in the future, and buy and sell future values. Although there is a high risk of investing in predicting the future market price of virtual assets, the joy and sorrow often vary depending on the investor’s capabilities because it is a “high risk, high return.”

■ Futures exchanges such as Bybit are popular in the bear market

The bi-bit futures trading screen.

Currently, it is actively attracting domestic investors from global futures exchanges such as Bbit, Bityard, BTCC, and Prime XBT. However, above all, the growth of Bybit is the most remarkable. Founded in March 2018, Vibit has secured millions of users over four years. According to data from Bybit, Korea alone secured more than 100,000 new users in the first quarter of 2021.

Above all, Vibit has never had a security-related accident so far. Vibit uses multi-signature (multi-signature) cold wallet to safely manage user assets. It has blocked the possibility of online hacking. Multi-signature, which is called Multisigra in short, is a function that allows multiple managers to create multiple keys and sign them at the same time in the exchange virtual asset wallet to open the wallet. Even if one of the keys is hacked, the risk of hacking is extremely low because it cannot be used if the other key is not hacked.

Technology is also a strong point of bi-bit. Vibit has many users and boasts a fast transaction speed of 100,000 TPS, which is always one of the top five futures exchanges.

■ Vibit also supports mining, installment savings, and spot transactions for Korean counseling

Vibit supports futures trading and leverage of various coins. Vibit has recently released various financial products such as virtual asset savings and mining. For new users who have difficulty trading or have high entry barriers, they can also earn interest income by using products with stable profits such as installment savings and mining. In addition, events for beginners are continuing so that they can enjoy trading more pleasantly through various trading competitions and events.

You can choose Korean after selecting Live Chat on the exchange screen.

You can earn high interest just by staking the coins you hold in the bi-bit.

Above all, although it is a foreign exchange, it supports 24-hour Korean counseling and has excellent convenience in transaction with UI/UX, which is easy to use. In addition to futures, the Bybit platform supports spot transactions, as well as steaks (set aside), lunch pads, and cloud mining products, so it can be used in various ways such as obtaining coin interest or investing in new coins without necessarily trading futures. On top of that, it is natural that the number of users in Korea increases as Korean counseling is supported 24/7.

Vibit always carries out various promotions without a break.

Events about coins, which have recently become an issue, are also continuing.

In fact, the slogan of the bi-bit exchange is “We Listen, Care and Improve,” and as such, it is noticeable that it is considered for users to use it comfortably.

In particular, it provides useful functions for short-term investors, such as market analysis through trading views, various chart support, and easy order modification.

As 15-20% of Vibit’s total transaction volume occurs in Korea, Vibit is actively supporting services for Korean users.