How to set the iPhone ringtone

Today, I’m going to post about how to set the iPhone ringtone. If you want to set your ringtone to the music you want, please refer to today’s posting 😀 The process of creating and applying ringtone can be a little cumbersome, but it’s not difficult.

First, you need a ringtone production, GarageBand, and a streaming application to record the desired sound source. Even if it’s not a streaming application, you just need to have a song to record. I’m a Bugs user, so I’ll use Bugs.

I need to play the sound source that I want to set the iPhone ringtone with the streaming application and record the screen.

For screen recording, lower the control center, find the recording icon, and press it. If you don’t have a screen recording icon, you need to add a screen recording to the Control Center in Settings.


Please enter Settings > Control Center and add ‘Screen Record’. Screen recording is required for items included in the control setter. If you’re flustered because you don’t have an icon when you have to record the screen, do it this way!

Let’s go back to how to set the iPhone ringtone. Press the Record Screen button to record with the sound source you want to set as your ringtone. 아이폰 벨소리 When the recording is in progress, the time part of the cell phone turns red. If you want to stop recording, you can lightly touch that part of the time. Do you want to stop recording the screen? Press Stop when a window appears. I’m going to make it a ringtone, so please record it well.

When you’re done recording, you can see what’s saved in your photo album. Then I’ll officially start making the ringtone.

Launch the ‘Create Ringtone’ app and press the + button in the middle. And select Import from the video.

Select Allow access to all photos! And select the video you just recorded.

This adds the file you just recorded. I will edit the recorded part to leave only the part I want to write as a ringtone. Touch ‘Clip’.

You can leave only the section you want in the clip and press “Done” at the top. There are some parts where the translation is wrong.

When you are finished editing, touch ‘Create’ in the ringtone file.

Then, the shared menu appears. Press Garage Band here. If you don’t have GarageBand application, you need to install it, but the capacity is quite large, so I recommend installing it in a Wi-Fi environment.

Anyway… If you select GarageBand, the file I just edited will appear in the recent entry. If you press the file with your hands, you’ll see several menus. Click Share here.

Tap ‘Ring Ring’ in the center because you will set the iPhone ringtone.

They say you need to adjust the length of the ring tone, but it’s automatically adjusted, so just ignore it and keep pressing the button.

Enter the name of the ringtone and press the Send button on the upper right.

Wait a moment to complete sending a ringtone. Press Use Sound Next, and select a standard ringtone.

Let’s go into the settings to make sure that the iPhone ringtone is set properly. Please find the ‘Sound and haptic’ menu in the settings and enter.

Then you can see that the ringtone has changed as it was set earlier. It’s not easy to set the iPhone ringtone, but it’s not difficult. It’s a little cumbersome because you need to record the screen, leave the section you want, and edit it, and a few apps, but the method itself is not difficult, so if you want, follow it easily