Elihai Price and Information Organization

Today, I’m going to take the time to organize the price and related information of the elementary school online lecture Eli High, https://엘리하이.com/ which has become a hot topic among parents these days. I also saw the effect of online lectures, so I thought it would be good if many people were interested.

As COVID-19 calms down,

There are kids who go back to cram school,

I’ll continue to do the online lectures that I’ve done before

There are a lot of people who maintain it.

Then what I felt

I’ll summarize it briefly

I’ll show you!

– Ellie High Price

– Curriculum

– the riverside

– How to experience (no cost)

Since the weather is cold,

Let’s have a cup of warm Americano

I hope you read it slowly.

First of all, I’d like to ask a lot of people

One of the parts is the Elly High price

It’s this!

In the beginning,

I don’t know if it’s going out

That’s what I was curious about.

And like me, online lectures

The average price of the first-timers is

I don’t think you know how much it is.

It’s simple

If you think it’s around 100,000 won,

I think it’ll work.

Of course, depending on the curriculum,

The price can vary, but that’s also

Between 100,000 won and 200,000 won, everything

It’s made up!

Let’s introduce it later

I’ll mention it again, but even a little bit

I’m going to show you can make it cheaper

I’m going to tell you that when we first start, we’re going to

We’re going through it.

It’s a free trial period for 10 days

When I went in, 1/3 of the monthly amount was

I can save it, right?

‘ Elly High Curriculum and Instructors

In addition, a course exclusively for gifted students’ special classes is also! ‘

These days,

It’s a learning pad

There are so many brands.

I’m going to compare them

The people who want to choose

As there are a lot, I think Elly High

Let me explain why I chose this song


Megastudy Education created this

I think the most important thing was the online lectures at elementary schools.

So, the child has fun on his own

So that you can make a habit of studying,

Of course, I’ll help you

Starting from the lower grades,

So that each grade can be customized,

As it progresses, the child can learn without any burden

I think that’s the biggest strength

That’s what I thought.

It’s not the end

Korean, English, essay, Chinese characters, science, math, art,

Coding and so on!

With a variety of programs,

You can see how it’s composed.

In the lower grades, middle school students,

There are heavy lectures like adult online lectures

It’s not that, but a variety of videos are prepared

So we can have an interesting lesson

There was.

Even when I watch from the side,

From the child’s point of view, they watch YouTube

Should I say it’s an effect that makes you study?

Of course, if you’re in the upper grades

There are five or more teachers in each subject

There’s a teacher that the child prefers and likes

You can choose your own class

There are advantages, too.

What’s more, this part

Among the things that many parents expect,

I think it’s one.

There’s a special class for gifted students

For kids who study hard,

It’s very popular.

So the industry’s largest Young.a class

Of course, it’s the only one in the industry that has a special class for gifted children

Did you know that it’s being operated?

in real life

I passed a special or private high school

The students who passed the Gifted Education Center

I heard that there are a lot.

Just by looking at this,

Elly High, made by Megastudy Education,

The results are different

I could tell.

If you’re starting out now,

If you’re a parent who’s worried because you’re studying?!

It helps you build up your motivation and habits

There’s a daily learning system

You don’t have to worry about it in advance.

Just as you see in the picture

Keep up with the progress of school

So that you can learn, systematic day-to-day learning

It’s being offered.

As I said before,

According to the subject, the right teacher

You can choose and listen to the lecture

I think that part is more interesting.

What’s more, my child

My favorite part was

It was a learning reward rocket.

With this alone,

Should I say that it increases motivation and achievement?

in addition to school work

I hope you don’t get bored while learning

Since it’s a play style, naturally

I think I was able to see the effect of self-directed learning.

What’s more, the child

Using your favorite smart pad,

Because learning takes place, it’s also interesting

That it went well!

And as you go from the lower grades to the higher grades,

Even if I’m involved in learning,

The limit comes after a certain point

That’s what it’s all about.

With just one Elly High

look at the technical content

Have fun organizing and learning by yourself for a day

I’m going to talk about the right amount of content

I think it’s better to be a supporters next to grow it out

I think it’s my role.

Like this, I’m also thinking about the effect of an elementary school online lecture

I’ll keep it short because I’m watching it well

I recommend you to start early

That’s what I thought.

Of course, that’s it. Anything

I’m not asking you to choose, but when you choose online classes,

Does the important part correspond to the child’s tendencies? It doesn’t fit?

It’s a part that needs to be checked.

That’s the only way to make the child feel comfortable

I hope you can listen to it continuously

There’s that.

I didn’t do it

If you say you won’t do it, you just throw away the money

It’s such a waste.

So I also

I definitely recommend you to experience it’s

and then make a final decision

I wanted to tell you.

Since it’s a free experience,

There is no additional cost, so don’t worry about it’em

I highly recommend that you try it.

If you try it,

Parents and children are very satisfied

You’ll be able to see me.

Elly High Price and More Details

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