The most popular exchange among cryptocurrency investors around the world

These days, more and more people are investing to generate additional profits just by looking at their acquaintances. For those who have been losing money due to the recent fall in cryptocurrency value, we would like to post about Binance Exchange, Binance Margin Transaction Deposit and Subscription Method, which can generate positive investment without loss, unlike spot transactions.

As everyone who uses coin futures trading knows, all Korean language support has disappeared, and investors are appealing to the exchange.

To compensate for this, Binance actively reflects the inconvenience of investors and has a well-established environment for convenient transaction services.

In addition, as a global cryptocurrency exchange, it is famous for the largest influx of investors and thorough security, so it is a reliable exchange.

I think it is also important to select the exchange before making a Binance margin transaction.

Let’s talk about the advantages of the exchange.

The most popular exchange among cryptocurrency investors around the world

Margin trading leverage up to 0-125x

Upbit, Coinone, and Bithumb Travel Rule on the domestic exchange (free to deposit and withdraw)

A variety of events, rewards, always

Use of DiPi, Staking, and LunchPad services

Now, I’ll tell you how to sign up and deposit with a 20% discount on Binance Exchange and Binance Margin Transaction Fee.

It applies to membership registration by clicking on the image above, so we recommend you to sign up via the link.

When you click on the image, you will be moved to the membership window.

Click Sign up with phone or email

If it is South Korea, we will confirm and move on.

Write down the email and password that you usually use, check if the code number is correct, and move on to the next step to complete the separated fragment file.

If it matches the code number I gave you, the fee will be 20%,

Please keep in mind that there are various event benefits.

Enter the authentication number that has been replied to by the e-mail and enter your mobile phone number (must be in your own name) to move on.

Enter the authentication number sent to your phone and press submit to move on to the next screen.

In order to use the Binance Exchange and margin transactions, you must authenticate your kyc identity.

Click Verify Now.

Nationality verification – First name, name, date of birth – Address, zip code, and city are entered in accordance with your resident registration card and move on.

You must select your ID card with your resident registration card, passport, and driver’s license and let them know that you are you.


Take pictures of the front and back of the ID card in order according to the space and move on.

If you have completed taking your ID card, you should take a picture of your face.

If you press Take a Selfie and take a front photo according to the screen, Binance KYC ID authentication is completed.

(The OTP authentication procedure can be carried out later.)

Now that all certification procedures are completed, assets on the domestic cryptocurrency exchange must be transferred to the Binance Exchange to proceed with the Binance margin transaction.

It’s not difficult, so please follow me slowly.

We will inform you of the domestic exchange based on Upbit.

Domestic Upbit – Bottom Bar Deposit – Ripple

(Ripple: The transmission speed is fast because the fee is the cheapest.)

Withdrawal – Enter withdrawal quantity – Press OK in the XRP Withdrawal window

The recipient’s address, destination tag, etc. will appear.

Runs the binance application without shutting down the upbit application.

(Important, never shut down the upbeat)

Binance Exchange Bottom Wallets – Deposition – XRP Search

After copying the tag and destination address on the screen, run the Upbit application, paste it in order, and press the withdrawal application to complete the asset transfer.

Now, if the asset transfer is completed, you have to convert the sold ripple from the spot account to the futures account in order to use the binance margin transaction.

Binance application – Wallets – transfer – to part – USD – M Futures change – change to usdt – confirm if you proceed in the order of USDT in kind will be converted to gift USDT and Binance margin transaction is possible.


If you have looked into Binance membership, asset transfer, and asset conversion, I will give you a brief term before proceeding with the transaction.

If you have looked into the membership of the Binance Exchange, asset transfer, and asset conversion, I will tell you a simple term before proceeding with the transaction.

Long Long Position: When the price is likely to rise in anticipation of future market prices

Short Position: When the price is likely to fall in anticipation of future market prices

Leverage up to 125x.

Simply put, by multiplying the assets you have, you can make a big investment with a small investment.

For example, if you apply 125 times leverage for 100,000 won, you can realize 12.5 million won in profits.

– Isolated: Assuming that only 1 million won out of 7 million won is entered, only 1 million won will be captured.

The risk is reduced, but the liquidation price is tight.

– Cross-cross: If only 100 won out of 7 million won is entered, the remaining 6 million won will be caught as a deposit, so there is a risk of liquidation of all assets, but the estimated liquidation price can be delayed.

In short, you can think of it as the opposite of quarantine.

– Set the weight: Set what percentage of assets you have.

– Specified price limit : To trade a specified price by specifying a price.

You must reach the specified price before you can close it immediately, and you must not reach the specified price before you can close it.

– Market: The price formed on the market is immediately traded and the fee is higher than the designated price.

We learned about Binance Exchange, Binance Margin Transaction deposit and withdrawal, how to sign up, and even basic terms.

It’s a way of thinking about future value and investing, so I think it’s much wider and more flexible.

It would be better to use the link with a 20% discount on commission after entering rather than investing in kind just waiting to climb.

I wish you all the best.