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Few people think that the atmosphere of the cryptocurrency market MEXC 거래소 나라 is good these days. The market price was over 80 million won during the great boom at the end of last year, but the price has steadily fallen since then, and it is safe to say that it has almost fallen this year.

The $20,000 support line, which is frequently mentioned by cryptocurrency experts, was also broken, showing anxiety, but it has rebounded a little recently.

In terms of Hanwha, there have been concerns that it could fall to the mid-20 million won range and fall to the 10 million won range if this condition persists, but it has recently remained for a long time since rebounding to 30 million won.

Due to this overall unfortunate situation, cryptocurrency-related companies often carry out restructuring, and discussions on reducing the number of people have continued steadily.

Not only the number of people but also the exchange is closed.

It is a formula that has always been attached to every plunge, but I am worried that the cryptocurrency market will fall as it is.

In fact, in the early days, many investors talked about the end of the cryptocurrency market if it was a little unstable, but after experiencing several fluctuations, now they do not lose their expectations that it will rise again someday even if it falls to some extent.

It will not collapse easily because it has already become one of the means of financial technology, and some countries use it as a national currency.

Nevertheless, there are issues such as an additional rate hike in the second half, regulations on virtual currency are being discussed around the world, and tax-related regulations will be added in Korea from next year, so it is expected that the overall atmosphere will not be revived within this year.

The problem is not only this year but also the overall market recovery is expected to be around 2024.

At this time, rather than rising due to any large favorable factors, it is a vague expectation that the market will naturally be set because it is the half-life of Bitcoin.

The crazy soaring interest rate has already risen to a level that has been difficult to see recently, and it will be carried out several times in the second half of the year, so considering this, it is expected to rise to a level of 3-4%.

If that happens, more people may put it in the bank with the feeling that they have it rather than the concept of investment or increase the amount of cash held. However, despite the frightening rise in interest rates, bank installment savings deposits show insignificant interest rates, so it is virtually difficult to feel.

Therefore, it can be said that the method is to invest well in the cryptocurrency market and realize small profits. Usually, the return on the cryptocurrency market is so high that novice investors think it is a profit if they earn 1-2% of the profit, but there are not many ways to make a return of 1-2% in less than a week.

If you translate this into years, it’s a considerable level, so making small and steady profits without being greedy is the only way to invest wisely in inflationary situations like these days.

However, in these days’ situations, it is often hard to know when to go up or down to the point where it is fortunate not to lose it.

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That way, even beginners can easily generate profits because even my assets move with their transactions without having to invest directly.

It also tells you what stocks they bought, how they took their positions, how much leverage they used, and everything until the point of entry, so you can follow it yourself, and refer to it to help you choose stocks and the timing of entry.

In addition to the benefits that directly help the profits, MEXC is also a popular place with very low fees. Originally, it is a place that offers fairly low fees, but it also offers additional benefits through recent events.

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It is natural that the cryptocurrency market is frequently traded and uses leverage functions frequently, but the more actively it is traded, the greater the expenditure as a commission becomes.

So even after a few transactions, you’ll experience how big a 10% payback is.

In addition, there is one more reason why they choose mexc, and there must be many investors who feel uncomfortable because most of the overseas exchanges are blocked by Korean language support due to recent domestic regulations.

Although it may be more difficult because there are many functions to use and they are not adapted to the UI, MEXC is the only named platform that still supports Korean.

It is a major platform that is always in the top 5 of the 520 exchanges around the world, so I hope you can make satisfactory profits by using it without any burden of various functions.